Welcome to Balance & Thrive!


Balance and Thrive- These two words capture what I believe are two foundational understandings of living life to the fullest. In order to grow and become the best version of oneself, one needs to have a firm foundation and sense of equilibrium. It is a lifelong and dynamic process.

As a kid, I spent my fair share of time at the park. My favorite park apparatus was the seesaw and I liked to walk across it. I would start at one end and walk towards the center until I could see both ends lifting off the ground. Straddling the middle of the seesaw- one foot on the left, one on the right, I would try to balance it, pretending it was some type of circus feat. Whenever I achieved equilibrium, it was momentary. As soon as my concentration drifted to something else-a shout of  “look at this!” or a wave to a friend- the stability was quickly disrupted and one side would dip towards the ground. It was a dynamic process to keep both ends elevated and it required my undivided attention.

Finding balance in one’s life is similar. It is an active process that requires continuous attention. It is not something one acquires and simply moves on. It is a lifelong practice. 

Balance is not perfection; it is not about excellence in each area of our lives. It is about finding that spot where the energy exerted is matched with the energy coming in. It is about creating a sense of stability. Our lives are full of events, situations, and people that challenge our sense of balance and it is easy to get absorbed in one facet of our life. Maybe it’s stress at work, juggling kids’ activities, or concern for older parents. Our balance begins to tip as this area of our life zaps all of our energy. The point is not to avoid these areas of our life or even hurry through them. The objective is to recognize when something is draining and have a strategy to refill what is lost. We have a sense of equilibrium because we have the tools to replenish the energy we have used.

This sense of harmony with energy out replenished with energy in is necessary for change. When we have sure footing, we are able to experience new beginnings, outward discovery and begin to thrive.