Make Room For Change

It is 6 days past Christmas and as I went on a morning run I saw remnants of the holidays piled along the curbsides. Christmas trees, wreaths, and broken holiday decorations discarded as trash. There were car seats, strollers, abandoned toys and appliances. It was clear the homeowners were cleaning up from the holidays; out with the old and in with the new.

Cleaning house and getting a fresh start are the norm at this time of year. New Year’s resolutions are made with the best of intentions and yet, few people manage to stick with them beyond February. Most people tend to add things in their resolutions without considering making the room for change. Before we add more to the proverbial plate, we need to create the space, time and energy to increase the chance for success.

Year after year, the top two personal resolutions are eating healthier and exercising more. Both decisions are loaded with steps that need to be added to one’s routine. For example, consider some possible phases to eating healthier: gathering information, reading and trying out recipes, obtaining appropriate cookware and storage containers, finding the time to plan meals, grocery shop and prepare healthy meals (not to mention support and buy in from family and friends!) The steps to exercising more can be just as long. Many people consider these resolutions a priority and yet, fail to follow through, simply because they have not created the space for change.

As 2018 comes to an end, take time to reflect on your personal “plate” and determine what no longer serves its purpose. What is draining  your time or energy and can be discarded? What habits or obligations are you mindlessly stuck on that could be left at the curb? Design your plate to reflect what is most important to you and you will be more likely to stick with your New Year’s resolutions.

Happy New Year and cheers to living one step closer to the life you have imagined!