Live the Life You’ve Dreamed Of

through One-On-One Coaching

What is ONE-On-One Health Coaching?

One-on-one health coaching is a process of helping individuals close the gap between the life they are living and the life they have dreamed of. Perhaps you have veered off course because of a health issue, life event, or simply putting everyone else’s needs before one’s own.

Sometimes we need to hit the pause button and take a look at what we are doing. As your health coach, I will help you look at the big picture of your health and wellness. Are you spending most of your time on the things you value most or are you so caught up doing that you have lost sight of what is important to you?


What Can I expect?

Our partnership will be one of mutual respect and positive regard where YOU are the expert. As your health coach, I will help you explore and perhaps rediscover, what is most important to you. We will create an alliance that begins a journey of personal discovery to express your well life vision.

Together we will discern your strengths, prioritize your values, and explore strategies to reach the sustainable healthy lifestyle you desire. I am committed to help you Balance and Thrive in whatever way makes sense to you.

I’m interested in One-On-One Coaching, How do I get Started?